DIY faux wood plank wall

Wood plank walls have been on my mind for some time now. Painted or wood tone, I love the subtle vintage-industrial look. I was first inspired to try a faux wood wall by Hello Little Bungalow. Pinned a lot of ideas. And finally committed to trying it for our playroom makeover!

The biggest reason I chose a faux vinyl product vs. wood is I did not have to touch a power tool. I was able to cut everything using a box cutter, and I could do it without help. The product is thin, and once it is scored you can snap it and get a clean break.

After studying the thin vinyl flooring options (be sure to get the peel-stick not the click plank!) You want the planks to look at authentic as possible. I selected the light maple due to its varying wood grain and pattern. 

I needed two full boxes plus 15 additional pieces. You can buy them individually, which I find a huge plus. 


Wood planks

A level (affiliate link)

A yard stick, 24 inch ruler, and a straight edge

A utility knife with fresh blades

Pencil with eraser

Step ladder

Hammer and drywall nails 

Find a center point and draw a level line across wall. Peeling off backing, place full planks on wall. You will be able to adjust them a bit until they are nailed. Nail at top and bottom of plank. As you get further along in the project you will need to cut some of the planks. Use a ruler to measure and a straight edge to cut with razor blade. 

The plank glue is not strong enough to hold planks on their own, so be sure to nail at top and bottom of plank. If using a long nail, check for wires first using a stud finder. 

Have fun with it! We kept the pattern vertical, but you could easily try placing the planks horizontally. When laying the planks check the pattern each time to vary it. The hardest part in  this room was the sloped ceiling. It was time consuming, but we love the finished result!

All in all it took me about 1 week to complete, with a LOT of starts and stops. I worked on it in 1-2 hour increments. If 2 people worked on it all day I definitely believe it could be a 1 day project. 

The finished result looks rustic and has a slight cedar look along the edge. It cost under $100 and we adore the texture it added to the space.

Have you ever tried a plank wall? 

seasons in life

Photos at my Grandparent's home in South Carolina. June 2015

Photos at my Grandparent's home in South Carolina. June 2015

I went through a season of deep discouragement a few years ago. We felt called to live closer to family (most of whom live in the southeast) yet we lived 20 hours away. God did not immediately answer our prayers. We also lived in a very cold climate, I loved my friends in Minnesota dearly but I struggled with seasonal issues in the six-month long winters. And we had behavioral challenges at home. The days were long and I was weary of attempting to do good.

This summer I see a change in our season. Our kids entertain themselves (sometimes), don't fight (all the time), and we have family to visit throughout the summer. God has encouraged us with a wonderful new church family, neighbors, and friends. 

I still make mistakes in my parenting. I get frustrated at times, but I see fruit in our children's hearts and growth in their development and maturity. To other weary Moms I say take heart. It takes some time, but the seasons change. In the meantime, please take breaks when you are weary. (I may write another post on that topic..)

Something our pastor said recently stuck with me. Why do we look to the future seeking signs and answers to prayers? Instead remember the work of God. Remember what God has already shown us about His character, grace, and guidance. This explains it more eloquently.  

// Husband and I are off to Charleston for a few days sans kids (horray!) Our first time away from the kids together in 2 1/2 years. Follow along on Instagram

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friday five

We are in full summer mode at our house (though not sleeping in, hopefully our little ones will figure that one out in the upcoming years!) Sharing with you today 5 of my favorite links from around the web. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

1. Watermelon Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper via Alice and Lois

My grandparent's hometown has a yearly Watermelon Festival. Our kids and I went last year, so much fun! And one of my favorite fruits.

2. A Kitchen Island Painted Jade Green via Style Me Pretty

Lately I cannot get enough of this color. Would you paint your kitchen cabinets green, or any other bright color?

3. A Reminder to Slow Down and Enjoy Creativity via Huff Post

"She was almost dancing as she put color on the paper," the mom recalled. "She got so excited and didn't want to stop...."

4. A Wallpaper Cake via Alana Jones-Mann

I love this DIY cake with printed edible ink. The design options are endless!

5. Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries via Gimme Some Oven

Anyone else like sweet potato fries? A few days ago I ordered mac and cheese (ended up being canned) and gazed longingly at my niece's choice of sweet potato fries. Cooked and seasoned properly they are SO good! 

sensory friendly playroom with the land of nod

reading nook -tag&tibby
sensory friendly playroom makeover -tag&tibby

Home design projects are one of my favorite things to do, but this one is especially close to my heart. A few months ago I asked the Land of Nod if they could help me create a sensory friendly playroom. Our playroom was a blank slate. And I was over the moon excited when they said yes!

Our oldest is on the autism spectrum. He is inquisitive, silly, and caring. A lot of sensory friendly playrooms are focused toward preschool children, but I envisioned a play space for he and his sister that encouraged exercise, quiet play, and reading through the elementary years. 

sensory friendly playroom with thrifted cabinet -tag&tibby

The new space met all of their needs and more. I painted the walls a soft green-blue and added a plank wall. Took down the mini blinds (yay!) and added cheerful white curtains. Added a quiet time area with the Land of Nod canopy and art area with weekly calendar and white board for writing our daily visual schedule. Both of our kids love the new space! 

Head over to the Land of Nod blog: honest to nod to read all about it!

faux plank wall playroom makeover -tag&tibby
playroom in Palladian Blue -tag&tibby

visit Honest to Nod for the full tour! 

before + after playroom makeover

sources ::

Planetarium Playhouse Canopy

White Star Bright Decal

Finger Flashlights

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue 

Wall Planks - Faux Wood flooring, Lowes

Toy Storage Cabinet - Thrifted

White Curtains + Bronze Curtain Rod  - Target

Mini Eames Style Chairs - Hobby Lobby

Orange Metal Table Base - Homegoods

24" Glass Table Top - Pier 1