Spicy Tomato Sandwich

A spicy tomato sandwich recipe with basil, jalapeño, heirloom tomato

Have you ever eaten a tomato sandwich? They are fresh, a little Southern, not too heavy, and all things summer! 

My husband works from home and lunchtime at our house is a free-for-all (we make our own plates of whatever we feel inclined to eat). All summer long my husband Lee has made this tomato sandwich. He plucks a jalapeño or two from the backyard along with a little rosemary, combines it with a fresh heirloom tomato and bakery bread, and I always end up needing to try a bite or two!

The jalapeño gives it a fun spicy kick, and the basil acts as a lettuce. And mayo is of course a necessary staple to this sandwich. If you are gluten free the bread can be easily swapped, and the sandwich is also vegetarian--perfect for lunch. Scroll down for step by step directions.

With fresh ingredients like basil, jalapeño, heirloom tomato, and rosemary I hope you give this spicy tomato sandwich a try!

learn how to make this delicious, fresh tomato sandwich using an heirloom tomato and basil

Spicy Lee's Tomato Sandwich

Serves 1-2


2 Slices of whole grain bread

1 ripe large heirloom tomato

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon rosemary 

2 small jalapeños

6-7 basil leaves


Toast 2 slices of whole grain bread. Then blend mayonnaise with rosemary. Finely chop jalapeños and stir into mayonnaise. Spread onto both pieces of bread. Slice a generous piece of tomato and add to the top of 1 piece of bread. Cover other slice of bread with fresh basil. Combine pieces of bread together and cut in half. 

Gather your recipe supplies: bakery bread, mayonnaise, fresh basil, rosemary, jalapeño, and a large heirloom tomato.

what you need to make a Southern spicy tomato sandwich

Add fresh jalapeño to mayonnaise and spread on both pieces of bread. 

step by step how to make jalapeño mayonnaise

Slice a generous piece of heirloom tomato, and add to bread with a layer of basil.

steps for building a spicy tomato sandwich with heirloom tomato and basil

Slice bread and enjoy!

This is the perfect sandwich to try on a hot summer day, or pack it up for a picnic. If you don't like the heat of a jalapeño, skip that step and the basil and rosemary will still give the sandwich plenty of flavor.

Thank you Lee for sharing this sandwich with us!

spicy tomato sandwich recipe. fresh and easy!
learn how to make this vegetarian spicy tomato sandwich with fresh ingredients like jalapeño, basil, and heirloom tomato

End of Summer


We are savoring our last few weeks of summer before school begins.

It means a little more on the to-do lists (including sparkly new tennis shoes for the 7 year old), and a few deep breaths before the homework, early alarms, and hustle beings again. My husband mentioned over the weekend that I'm good at running the logistics for the family. It isn't a bad thing, but at the moment my mental list feels long!

Basically I'm saying...life is busy.

So I have decided to take a 2-week break from new blog content. Because I am pro-simplifying when things need to be simplified.

But don't go far, because I'll be back very soon with fun new recipes and DIY ideas! 

Until then, lets connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (@tagandtibby)!

What are you up to these last few weeks of Summer? 

I Love My Sherwin-Williams Store (plus a $200 giveaway!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own!

thrift store bookcase painted Sherwin Williams Cheerful. (walls painted SW Dovetail Gray) via Tag&Tibby
I am so so pleased with how my small DIY project turned out thanks to Sherwin-Williams!

A few days ago I shared about how I headed to my local Sherwin-Williams to narrow down a paint color and decide which primer would work best on the project. Tom did a great job in helping me decide on Extreme Bond Primer and Duration Home® for the final color.

Sherwin-Williams gave me great advice on sanding the interior of the cabinet, then adding a light coat of primer. Dry according to paint times, then 2 coats of Duration paint. Since this was a summer project, I made sure to apply paint to the bookcase early in the morning before it got hot outside.

It was such a fun project to do and it was quick to makeover. And the impact of adding a bold yellow to the interior of the cabinet makes such a difference to the bookcase! Scroll down to see more pictures of how the DIY yellow bookcase turned out, and enter to win a $200 Sherwin-Williams paint giveaway! 

I am so happy with how the paint SW Cheerful looks with our bedroom's gray walls (painted SW Dovetail Gray). Our master bedroom is one step closer to being finished with the freshly painted bookcase in place!

Are you ready to start a new project? Sherwin-Williams is hosting a Love For Color in-store sale this weekend, August 12th-15th with 35% off all paints and stains! It is the perfect time to start the next DIY project in your home! 

DIY thrift store bookcase painted Sherwin Williams Cheerful. (walls painted SW Dovetail Gray) | Tag&Tibby
DIY thrift store bookcase painted Sherwin Williams Cheerful with vintage accents | Tag&Tibby

Want to win $200 to Sherwin-Williams??

Comment below with your closest Sherwin-Williams store (look it up here with the store locator tool) and how you would use the paint! We will pick the winner August 19th, 2016. Winner will be sent a $200 gift card.
tips for painting a bookcase bright yellow (DIY thrift store bookcase painted Sherwin Williams Cheerful) walls painted SW Dovetail Gray

I Love My Sherwin-Williams Store (Part 1!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own!

Sherwin-Williams In Store ColorSnap Studio
Today I'm sharing with you why I love my local Sherwin-Williams! I have been a long time loyal customer of Sherwin-Williams and love their customer service, quality paint, and the variety of color choices. When we lived in Minnesota we could get to our local Sherwin-Williams in 5 minutes (super helpful working on weekend projects), and now that we live in North Carolina we can still get to our local store in 10 minutes!
thrifted bookcase makeover (before)

I recently happened upon a solid wood bookcase at my local thrift store. For $12 it was a steal! We needed a bookcase in our master bedroom, and I knew adding a pop of color with paint would make it our own.

So I headed to my local Sherwin-Williams store! The closest location is really convenient (less than a 10 minute drive to my house, and an even shorter drive from my kiddos school). The store has everything I need in 1 stop: from primer to paint, brushes to paint tray liners. 

My "spot" is the Huntersville, NC location (off of Statesville Road near Dunkin Donuts). It is a new store and beautiful inside!
Why I love my local Sherwin-Williams Store!

The experienced associates give great advice on the best paint type, sheen, dry time, ect for each project. They are really good about giving me space if I just want to flip through paint swatches, and the minute I have a question they are ready to help. 

The in-store ColorSnap Studio helped me narrow down which shades of yellow I was interested in (and my goodness there were a lot of good yellow options to pick from!).

Sherwin-Williams in store ColorSnap Studio
I brought a shelf from the bookcase into the store when I was narrowing down paint colors, and it ended up being really helpful because I was able to discuss the best primer for the wood with Tom, the store manager. We ended up selecting the Extreme Bond Primer because the wood had been previously clear-coated (even though I was planning to sand, some varnish in the corners stuck!) and the extreme bond primer specializes in covering hard-to-stick surfaces while still maintaining a quick dry time.
Why I love my Sherwin-Williams Store
I took a few swatches home to see how it would look with our grey walls. I held up the different yellows in the space to see which would have the best pop of color. I also checked out the yellows on the ColorSnap Visualizer app on my phone. I was really pleased with how quickly it helped me narrow down my options! I ended up selecting SW 6903 Cheerful because it feels like a solid true, bold yellow.
How I used my ColorSnap Visualizer App
I called into my Sherwin-Williams with my paint choice, and Tom told me a quart in Duration Home® would be best for with SW Cheerful. They had the order ready for pickup that afternoon!

Duration paint is a great option for DIY projects because it has great washability, resists color rub-off, and comes in multiple sheens. It also is easy to clean brushes with soap and water after painting.

Be sure to head back on Thursday--when I share my final project reveal and offer a $200 paint giftcard to Sherwin-Williams!!

A few reasons why I love my Sherwin-Williams Store!