diy kids craft table

DIY industrial kids craft table

Our two children enjoy working on craft projects after school. It is always fun to see what they come up with. Coloring, glue, and play dough. We keep it simple and have only a few craft rules. Prior to our new table we used a small square table. It was always so full they had no space to work.

I spotted old factory spindles from a textile mill at my favorite local antique dealer. At $1 each they were a steal and the height made for perfect table legs. (hint: if you go this route, double check the height of each. Had to dig to find 4 matching in height!) 

how to make a spindle table


4 table legs (16" in height) factory spindles. (tapered legs would also work)

MDF. I used a scrap piece measuring 41" x 24"

Wood glue

Attach table legs securely to bottom of mdf according to wood glue directions. I applied pressure to table leg for about 2 minutes, then dried for 60minutes. I wait to flip the table for about 24 hours.

craft table supplies

I placed the table in the living room because we spend the most time there. They can chat with me if I am in the kitchen or living room and it makes for easy cleanup if there is a spill or stray marker swipe. In our new house we have a playroom, but they spend most of their time near us.

how to make a craft table tutorial
DIY kids craft table | tag&tibby

The kids are enjoying the new table and use it daily. I plan to add an extra inch or so to the base with felt pads, but it functions well as-is. Pretty sure our biggest challenge will be keeping open space to work! We are fans of craft clutter at our house ;) 

If you have children, where do they complete craft projects? 

creative perfectionism

20th C. Factory Filament Bare Bulb Sconce Restoration Hardware, Mirror via Hobby Lobby. Paint Benjamin Moore Gentlemen's Gray 

20th C. Factory Filament Bare Bulb Sconce Restoration Hardware, Mirror via Hobby Lobby. Paint Benjamin Moore Gentlemen's Gray 

Creative perfectionism. Do you struggle with it? According to Hayao Miyazaki, creativity comes from perseverance. "I never feel like watching my own films again. So unless I start working on a new one, I'll never be free from the curse of the last one." 

I have been mulling over how perfectionism challenges me and how it holds me back. It challenges me to do my best, but it also drives me crazy. For example: our bathroom remodel. I have not posted many photos because A: it is not finished. B: natural light is non existent in that room. C: I doubt its Pinterest pin worthiness.

This week I am challenging myself to share more on this blog. I completed an adorable (in my humble opinion!) children's table that I plan to share. Our new home's style is still very much unfinished and I sometimes find it difficult to show home design projects. But I am pushing that aside and moving forward.

Do you struggle with creative perfectionism? How do you overcome it? 

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brown bag microwave popcorn

brown bag microwave popcorn. a healthy family friendly snack!

The first time I tried stovetop popcorn I was surprised by its fresh flavor. I grew up with preprepared microwave popcorn, and while I still enjoy it on occasion, I have discovered that fresh popcorn is more affordable and healthier. I tried cooking popcorn on the stove but found it easy to burn the bottom of the pot.

We discovered brown bag popcorn this summer. It has a wonderful fresh flavor without the additives of pre-prepared popcorn. Over several cooking sessions I tweaked how many kernels to add, and I think we found the perfect amount!

brown bag popcorn recipe | tag&tibby

Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn

1 brown lunch-size bag

1/4 cup of popcorn kernels

Melted butter or oil, garlic, and salt to taste

Add 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels to open brown paper bag. Fold bag over at least twice. Stand upright in microwave and cook for approximately 1min30seconds (for a 1000 watt microwave). Add butter, garlic, and salt to taste.

A few notes // I tried 1/2 cup of kernels first, but the bag tended to break from the pressure. Some recipes add oil to the brown paper bag, but I have found this breaks down the strength of the bag. Just add butter/oil to taste after the popcorn pops!

natural microwave popcorn recipe

Have you ever tried brown bag popcorn? Our kids are out of school today due to a bit of snow + ice, and it made for a great afternoon snack! 

6 simple valentine's day ideas

  Valentine's Tea Party Flax & Twine | Watercolor Heart Printable this heart of mine | Cranberry Scones The Sewing Rabbit Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows smashed peas and carrots | Finger Puppets smallful | Chocolate Wraps Oleander and Palm


Valentine's Tea Party Flax & Twine | Watercolor Heart Printable this heart of mine | Cranberry Scones The Sewing Rabbit

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows smashed peas and carrots | Finger Puppets smallful | Chocolate Wraps Oleander and Palm

Crafty mom confession: I sent our children to school today with store-bought valentines (gasp!). My humble opinion on holiday projects: spend time on the projects you care about. Pick one or two. And keep it simple.

I fell quickly for these recipes and printables. Dipped heart marshmallows? I can do that! My daughter would treasure the finger puppets (she LOVES animals). I adore the tea party idea too.

Do you go all out for Valentine's Day? Decorate and bake homemade goodies? I want to try all of these!


DIY clay heart necklaces

DIY clay heart necklaces

Our family just entered the 3rd quarter of school this year. And I admit, life feels busy! Holidays are an easy time to change the schedule make time for crafts as a family. Personally, our children LOVE new craft supplies! It makes for an entertaining afternoon!

how to make clay hearts

For this project we started with parchment paper, DAS air hardening clay (affiliate link), shape tools (plastic knives and spoons could work too), and a heart candy mold

I encouraged the children to experiment with the clay, stacking pieces together and cutting out various shapes. If the clay feels dry, add a little water. Once the final shapes are complete, let air dry for 24 hours.

valentines crafts

Now for the fun part! Paint hearts with paint brushes. We used basic washable crayola paint (affiliate link). Our little one enjoyed mixing colors to see what new colors she could create. 

how to make a clay necklace

I used leftover gold spay paint from a previous project and sprayed it in a disposable container. Then painted the gold onto extra hearts using a paint brush. (caution: spray paint has a strong smell, I recommend using outside!)  After paint is dry, glue bail plate to back of heart. Thread with crafting lace and cut to desired length.  

family friendly clay necklaces
DIY gold heart necklaces

Something really fun happens when crafting with children. They relax and talk about life. It really is a lot of fun!

I hope you try this easy project! The hardest part is waiting for the clay and paint to dry. I have a lot of clay leftover, I'm pretty sure my kids will be making more for friends! 

ps// happy early valentine's day! 

DIY necklaces for valentine's day

6 home design trends for 2015

6 home design trends for 2015

The past few weeks Tag & Tibby blog topics have included DIY projects, recipes, and parenting. I truly enjoy writing the articles. And I also love home design. It is in my blood. I could talk about interiors all. day. long.

We moved into our 1990s home last July. It has a lot of potential with high ceilings and open spaces. And it needs a nudge in the personality/style department. So after reading hours of magazines, blogs, and Pinterest (of course!)....without further ado: Tag & Tibby's favorite trends for 2015!

1. Industrial Storage

Bookshelves, card catalogs, and chests. The vintage industrial trend is going strong. Check salvage shops and antique dealers for authentic pieces. Or you can find new pieces at stores including Homegoods, West Elm, Hobby Lobby, World Market, and Target.

Magnolia The Farmhouse

Magnolia The Farmhouse

2. Shiplap paneling

I LOOVE this trend. It adds so much texture to a room, without overwhelming it. Shiplap paneling was historically used in areas with harsh climates, and is characterized by long horizontal or vertical wood paneling. It has a rustic look but could easily work in a modern home. I hope to add this to our dining room, and perhaps our entryway too.

Neutral Grays Better Homes and Gardens

Neutral Grays Better Homes and Gardens

3. Warm Grays

Grays have been around for several years, and we are seeing it more than ever in homes. (I hope it eventually replaces beige as the standard). A warm beige is the perfect way to go when trying gray the first time. We painted our previous home in B. Moore Edgecomb Gray, I recommend it.

Hello Lidy Master Bedroom | Design Improvised Master Bedroom

Hello Lidy Master Bedroom | Design Improvised Master Bedroom

4. Tufted headboards

I just adore this trend. Tufted headboards are available in every price range, from Wal-Mart to Restoration Hardware in a range of colors and materials. Our bedroom is completely undecorated right now, I hope to work on it later this year. 

5. Painted Cabinets

These navy and dark grey cabinets are swoon worthy. It is moody and classic, especially paired with the right hardware. And I am seeing a lot of this on Pinterest, the white backsplash + countertops tone down the dark. And natural lighting would be a must. 

Emily Henderson Pop of Gold

Emily Henderson Pop of Gold

6. Children's Room Decals

Decals add personality without permanency. When I was 11 my wonderful Mom let me pick pink carpet with pink floral wallpaper. After a few years the novelty of pink carpet wore off and I moved to a different room. Lesson? I can't recommend decals enough. We used Land of Nod Lottie Dots (affiliate link) in our office + in our daughter's room. Instant charm!


What trend would you add to the list? Is there something you really want to add to your space this year? I would love to hear about it!