Friday, April 18, 2014

saying goodbye to home

After almost seven years in Minnesota we are preparing our goodbyes.

It is very much bittersweet to leave our friends and our first home. Many of our friends here have known our little ones since they were babes. And our home, we made it our own. We remodeled rooms and painted and laid flooring. It is an incredibly special place. And at the same time it is very apparent this is God's answer to our prayers regarding our family.

Our family lives in the Southeast and over the past few years God put an increasing desire in our hearts to live closer to family. So we prayed, and we prayed, and prayed. The answer was not an immediate yes. And the answer could have been no. We trusted God in that. But Lee and I were aligned in all of it and Lee recently accepted an offer in North Carolina.

This is a huge life change for us! The blog and shop will be quiet during the transition, but I will post updates on instagram, twitter + facebook! I plan to keep the shop will stay open through May 1st. Please continue to pray for our family as we make plans to move across country, list our home, and find a new home. Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

refinished vintage cosco stool

Last year I spotted a little cosco step stool at the thrift store. It was well-coated in rust and paint but it had potential, Our home is a proud supporter of all things vintage cosco (some to keep, others to resell). And with our weather finally warming up I felt encouraged to start a new project!

I purchased a yard of oilcloth from a local shop, simply traced the pattern from the seat's old cover. Took apart the pieces I wanted to paint using a screwdriver and wrench. Cleaned up the chrome with fine steel wool and WD-40 (important to use gloves!) And lightly sanded and painted the olive green pieces with a all-in-one primer/paint product by Rustoleum. Since old paint can have lead, be sure to use a good mask when sanding/painting over vintage painted pieces.

The kids are happy with the result! Our four year old picked the fabric. And with the base pieces painted white the fabric is easily swappable with other fabric styles. The project took me an afternoon (plus overnight for the paint to dry). I would definitely put it in the "easy" category as it didn't require sewing or extra steps with primer. Oh and I have to give a shout-out to our local Ace Hardware. They are incredibly knowledgable and helpful. Kinda like an instant online tutorial. 

Have you ever worked with oil cloth? It is so easy to clean! I also purchased a yard of a cream and white oilcloth. Now that I know it is an easy project, I have another cosco high chair I plan to recover and sell locally soon.

Friday, April 4, 2014

introvert, extrovert

Earlier this week a post by Moriah Sunde about being a quiet influence caused me to reflect a bit. I was an outgoing kid in high school. One of those (probably slightly annoying) girls who participated in sports, clubs, drama, and led the yearbook staff. In college I made good friends in studio (all-nighter design projects are great bonding experiences). And I was in a sorority. But even so I felt like a bit of a recluse and my roommate often encouraged me to get out more. 

Now the majority of my time is spent with our two kids, the computer, my husband, and an occasional estate sale. I crave quiet and yet I love a good coffee with a friend. I feel maxed out when we have too many things scheduled in a week. Our family prefers laid back weekends to over-scheduledness (if that is a word). 

Can climate and life-stage affect one's personality? We definitely live in a moody-isolated part of the country (my impression of it anyway!) So who are you? Do you prefer crazy, energy filled days or a quiet home? I'm a half-extrovert, half-introvert. Whatever that means.

And I many blog editors are introverts? I find it often easier to communicate with pictures and words. One of the reasons I adore Instagram. Finding friends with similar interests, such a gift!  

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Happy Friday!

Monday, March 31, 2014

a saturday estate sale

Last weekend was really, really good. We felt another glimspe of spring. Saturday morning my husband started work on our front door, and I snuck away for errands and an estate sale ten minutes south of our house. 

I love visits like this one. Estate sales are unpredictable. Some are overpriced, some are underpriced. Many homes are beautiful and classic, others smell and have dark scary basements. One can learn so much by glancing at a family's old books, furniture, and accessories. The ambience of the rooms shares if they had kids, if a woman or a man lived there. I adored the wallpaper in this space, the original hardware and linens. 

Do you ever visit estate sales? What do you shop for? We enjoyed a nice, warm weekend but have snow coming back this week (yikes!). Is it spring where you live? Happy Monday! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

third bedroom mini-tour

The third bedroom in our home changes every year It was originally an office, then a nursery. Our two kids decided to share a bedroom and it became a toy room. Now it is a guest room/toy room/extra place to sleep for whoever needs it. Small homes are fun like that. 

The metal milk crate houses kitchen supplies. The play kitchen was 75% off buy at Target a few years back.  Pants hangers display pages from an antique coloring book. The guest bed is a full Tarva frame from Ikea. The rug is a new addition from Urban Outfitters. 

The other side of the room houses books and toys. The Pepsi crate (purchased last summer at the Oronoco Gold Rush) is a catch all for hair accessories and pull-ups. And the apple crate houses the kids' dress up clothes. 

If you have kids, do you have a toy room? We tend to have a bit of toys on each floor of our home. Would love to hear ideas for toy organization! Especially legos. We are still figuring that one out ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

want this? buy that.

RUGS Anthropologie 5x7 Chanda Rug $398 - Urban Outfitters Flourish Tile Rug $89

LAMPS Jonathan Adler Horse Table Lamp $595 - Land of Nod Not So Nocturnal Table Lamp $69

CHAIRS Room & Board Sanna Chair $799 - Urban Outfitters Dagmar Chair $299

THROWS CB2 Faribault Wool Throw $189 - West Elm Faribault Wool Throw $80

DUVETS Restoration Hardware Queen Ticking Stripe Duvet $249 - Ikea Nyponros Duvet $39

BASKETS Pottery Barn Beachcomber Basket $129 - H&M Jute Basket $25

We are refreshing our home with a few updates this spring. I just ordered an Urban Outfitters rug for one of the bedrooms. And we have the Nyponros Duvet in gray and love it.  While I cannot vouch for the quality of each product listed, if you shop around you can definitely find affordable options with high style! 

Have you purchased from any of these stores? What did you think of the quality? I would like to try H&M's home products now that they are sold online. And the owl lamp from Land of Nod is adorable!