Monday, September 27, 2010

bathroom is finished!

I remember a conversation with Lee a year ago. We agreed redoing our half bath would be an easy project (ha!) It was our first complete DIY project. We gutted the room, leveled the floor, laid VCT tile, used a massive amount of spackle, painted, installed a new toilet, designed a custom cabinet. We adapted to having 1 bathroom upstairs and then a toilet with no sink for several months. It is pretty rewarding to see it finished. Here's a link to where we started. 
Whitehaus Jem Basin. Grohe Europlus Faucet in Nickel.

1961 Magazine Cover + Mat, Valu Thrift Store. IKEA frame and set of 3 bottles.

We're undecided on the mirror. We have a large mirror (came with the estate sale dresser) We're tempted to use it but need advice on hanging it? I sure don't want to see it crashing down on the sink!


  1. It looks great! I really love the vanity. You could totally hang that mirror you found. I was at Home Depot this past weekend and saw all manner of hooks that would work for something like this. You could also look for the sort of hangers museums use when they want to screw a piece to a wall without it showing from the front.

  2. Thanks! It was definitely a labor of love : )

    I am going to look into the mirror hooks--I think it would open up the space. We did weigh it and its about 23 pounds. Good ideas!

  3. It looks great! You guys did a great job with design.

  4. thanks! and we are very happy with your work!

  5. Outstanding job! Sometimes the smallest room can be so challenging and time. I want to do a few upgrades to our tiny half bath. Just can find the sink that will fit that I like as well. I like the modern sink you have. I need a tiny one. I loved the one from apartment therapy under the stairs, but it didn't state where to buy:( So I'm still stuck with one that looks like it came from a airplane or camper. With pipes exposed. Don't like. Lol my last resource will be to have Amish person I know to custom build for me.