Thursday, October 21, 2010

This week

Honestly not much design work going on this week. Though Lee did clean out our basement last weekend so perhaps a picture of that soon! We have a few things planned over the next few weeks...will keep you updated!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

kitchen planner

Trying out ikea's kitchen planner and love it! This is no where near accurate yet nor is it finished but this is what I'm up to...

Friday, October 8, 2010

kitchen photos

I hoped to post pictures when the kitchen was spotless but with two toddlers that day might not ever come! The space is functional (thankful for a dishwasher), but it isn't anything close to ideal.
Limited countertop space. My kitchenaid mixer lives in the basement (sad!).

We need more storage! The door on the right could be turned into a shallow pantry.

Bought the fridge in 08. No water-hookup so there is some flexibility
What do we hope to accomplish? Redo the floors. Ideally cork or rubber. Refinish the cabinets, remove the trim, and new hardware. New countertops. Functionally I'd love to have more countertop space and storage. We assume moving the layout around would add a lot of cost? It would be wonderful to see into the living/dining area though we're not sure we want to sacrifice the pocket doors.

One more thing, we've looked at IKEA cabinets. I love the idea of starting fresh, but Lee is concerned about the quality. Opinions on IKEA cabinets? Do you have any ideas for our layout? Meanwhile I'll try to get my hands on a floorplan Lee built in SketchUp.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh yeah, you live in the McClellan's house!

We still get this from the neighbors. We've owned it for over 2 years and the McClellan's sold it in 1997. Its not really a bad thing though, in fact in a lot of ways it is a compliment to the original family and the house. And the McClellans did live here for 40 years.

I was clued into the house's history last year when I spoke with Lois. She shared stories of neighbors and flowers and a neighborhood full of children. Can't find that kind of family history in the suburban developments! You can read more here...