Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lovely grey

Our room isn't finished and I already love it.

We spent around $50 on paint and supplies. Used our store credit on a new sheet + pillow covers. I flipped our west elm duvet cover over to hide the brown stripes. Pulling out the old carpet was free. We ended up with the Mandal bed from IKEA. Paid about $50 out of pocket, cash from the furniture set we sold on craiglist covered the rest.

Hopefully next month we can buy a ceiling fan. Any suggestions for a nicely designed modern fan?


  1. Lowes has a cheap one with a remote...nice and lazy! Harbor Breeze, brushed nickel, 52" blades. $89...

  2. i'll look it up! is that the one you have?

  3. Your home is so allergy friendly- no clutter! Where do you keep all your 'stuff'? Clothes, shoes, laundry etc..? We'd love to see a house 'tour' of all the rooms+bathrooms and see how you have them decorated- everything looks so good! Can you come do over my place??

  4. we each have 2 big drawers (so mine have pjs, socks, ect) and the rest is in the closet. we have a clothes chute right outside the door and thats where the dirty laundry goes. are you anywhere close to orlando? we are thinking of visiting fl this winter! i'll call you :)