Tuesday, December 13, 2011

festive tuesday

I had a busy morning. Bills on the table and gifts to prepare. After wrapping and prepping boxes, I picked a leftover cardboard box and made a few trees for the kids to decorate. They LOVED the glue and glitter. I'm not big fan of making them stay in the lines. Many of Kinsey's "ornaments" were below the tree. I call that creativity.

Ta-da! Their beautiful trees. Hung with less-beautiful painters tape. Any ideas for hanging temporary artwork? 

I also made a few cupcake-liner snowflakes. 

Notice our snow melted!? my native-Georgia self loves seeing grass...

Then I brought out our Christmas tree (yep, its fake. i get a migrane from real trees)

Each branch is tagged with a color and letter. It was a great sorting lesson for the kid and they loved helping me...Excited to hang lights when Lee gets home!


  1. 3m tabs! I use them in the classroom all the time. If you use the little ones, its not as expensive.

  2. (duh) you're so right! Our walls our plaster so they don't hold well long term but for a few weeks it'd be fine. i think we might be out but i'll ask lee..

  3. We use that sticky putty stuff (I'm sure that's the technical name). Got it at Target!

  4. thanks inga, i'm going to check it out next time i'm at target!