Monday, January 9, 2012

basement over the holidays

Over the holidays Lee sketched out his plans for our basement. I am so excited...built in desks, work benches, locker storage. An entertainment area, a corner bed for guests.

 I caught a quick picture of Lee with the kids. When they started touching his drawings, he simply taped down craft paper and pulled out markers so they could mimic his sketching. (love his dad heart, he so patient...)

He used more solvent to loosen the black mastic and then scraped it up over the last few weekends.

Think/hope we are about done with this phase! All of the laundry that was in the washing machine and dryer smells like biodegradable solvent. Which means the shirt I wore to church Sunday smelled like floor cleaner. One of the joys of home renovation...


  1. Looks great! What are Lee's plans for the stairs?

  2. he has a full powerpoint of images, i should share! i think a built in desk or storage under the stairs and a built in bed in that back corner

  3. Is there wood on the stairs themselves under the green tile? Love his vision!