Saturday, March 31, 2012

family trip to cb2

I read a few months ago that CB2 opened a store in Minneapolis and a few days ago we headed to uptown to check it out..

The safest thing we found for Bryce to play on. (wish every store had a ball pit area like ikea!)

This clock for our dining area?

I'd like more shelving on our walls. This guy caught my eye.

In the end we bought a key hook...
Our secret to shopping with the kids? Lee and I took turns going in the store while one of us watched the kids. Then we went in as a family for a (short) period of time to talk through design ideas. The kids are seriously wiggly..our little guy reached for these at least 3 times. 

Do you have any tips for shopping with kids? 


  1. Love the red shelving! The 24 hour dIner clock reminds me of our old Coke you remember it?

  2. i do! maybe thats why i liked it :) do you guys still have it?