Thursday, April 12, 2012

kitchen products

Numerar countertop. Boholmen sink. Mission D pull. Delta Trinsic faucet.

Ordered butcher block Saturday! Numerar in Birch, the lightest of the 3 wood options. We are planning to Waterlox it if its safe with our little guy's peanut allergy. We also purchased the Boholmen sink. I'll gain countertop space with the single sink, a precious commodity in our kitchen.

Our handles arrived earlier this week from Rejuvenation, we're really happy with the design and quality. We also ordered a new faucet. Little nervous that we bought it sight unseen, but we ordered our bathroom faucet online a few years ago and are really happy with it.

Has anyone installed countertops before? We were going to hire out but we're read its relatively simple to do ourselves. We will likely hire a plumber to hook up our new faucet/disposal. Any suggestions for an affordable backsplash?


  1. Countertops are easy...just need to look underneath to see how they're attached. Definitely a plumber for the sink because it looks like you're changing size and dimensions. Tile is cheap but messy...they have metal looKing panels at Lowes.

  2. did you have to level yours before you installed new ones? i agree--a plumber will be the way to go for the faucet. we hired one when we did our bathroom too. i like subway tiles but don't know the cost or how hard they are? i'll look into the panels..

  3. Looks good. I agree that are a lot of affordable and beautiful tile options out there!

  4. thanks! i'm going to start shopping around for options