Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the pillow case cafe curtain

While we unpack this week, I'm sharing a few more details from the remodel. This was our kitchen while the cabinet doors were being painted..

And an after. I tried making curtains from dishtowels and linen. Limited success. So last week I walked around Target looking for fabric ideas when I spotted striped yellow sheets. 

I planned to sew the sheets into curtains. But I just happened to hold up the pillowcases to the space and they fit. They fit perfectly. So I ironed them, attached clips, and hung them on a tension rod.

The cheerful yellow will be especially nice to look at mid winter, and since they are pillow covers there are 2 layers and thicker than the average curtain for privacy. Its easy and requires no sewing, if you are looking for cute cafe curtains give it a try!


  1. The kitchen looks fantastic, and I love the happy yellow curtains. Good work!

  2. Great happy look. What kind of light fixture ?

  3. Love the yellow...brilliant idea!

  4. thank you! I love yellow. the light is a simple porcelain fixture (Lee bought it for around a dollar) with an edison bulb. Its hard to take photos of lights, but I'll try sometime in the future :)