Friday, June 8, 2012

wall art ideas

We don't have a lot of art on the walls and I plan to change that this month. Here are a few ideas..

I'd like to plot artwork (inspired by this piece). Plotting in black and white would be both affordable and make a big statement. My favorite idea at the moment is to print a vintage map of Saint Paul. 

A canvas over my desk in the kitchen. Lee took this when we were on vacation in Miami a few years ago. A 20x30 is around $130..more than I'd like to spend. Gluing a photo to canvas like this idea at Young House Love comes to mind. Any other ideas for printing under $100? 


  1. Ok, check out you'll have to act fast. $25 off purchase. It'll get you down to $105 for the 20x30. Code: SUMMERSAVE

  2. I'm considering going down 1 size which would make it a bit cheaper too..that link is perfect, thank you!