the blu dot warehouse sale

I've been anticipating the Blu Dot Warehouse Sale for months. I saved up a little cash, and Saturday morning we packed up the kids and headed north to Rogers, Minnesota.

The sale started at 9 and we got there after 10. So a lot of things had sold--like these cute ottomans.

The deals were really good. Couches marked down to $150-250 from $1800. I fell for an ottoman that was missing a cushion. This couch had some defects, but for $150 I was tempted to buy it.


I should note our kids were "those kids" at the sale. the ones running around giggling at how many couches they could touch... Slightly distracted with our preschoolers, we selected a piece for our bedroom. It was marked down to $299 and while we were there marked down again to $199.

Lee ran into an old friend from school and was introduced to the designer of our new Dang Media Stand. (I had taken the kids outside to play with rocks in the parking lot...)

Grey with brass accents, I love its mid century lines. It fits in so well. It was designed to hold electronics, so we've already put in our modem + printer. And it is large enough for a few bins of clothes too. Our first piece of blu dot furniture!