tips for a Thanksgiving mantle

Can you believe it is November? This is our first Thanksgiving in our new home. And our first house with a mantle. It is the perfect place to switch things up and create little seasonal vignettes. I threw this together with pieces I had on hand from around the house (with the exception of the pillows, will talk more about that in a minute!) Here are some quick easy tips for creating a seasonal mantle! 

Repurpose from around the house

Pumpkins from Halloween are the perfect fit for a Thanksgiving display. Books and artwork make great display pieces, as do trays and towels. Look around in your space for interesting texture, fabric, colors that can go together. 

Spray paint is our friend!

I love paint. It takes a few seconds to transform a small decor piece from tacky to stylish. In this case I painted a porcelain leaf (from the thrift store for .50) gold and is a perfect fit for November.

Add texture

Throw a few woven towels, napkins, or ribbon in the set to add depth to the space. Flowers and greenery add character too. Wheat and corn are also beautiful display options this month!

Swap out the pillows

I splurged and added a few new pillows to the family last month. I found velvet covers for under $10 (plus 20% off, always search for a coupon!) and reused inserts already on hand. They are easy to swap out for each season and can tie a look together.

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? I would love to see a picture!