Sensory Friendly Shaving Cream Pool

sensory friendly shaving cream pool idea for elementary age kids

It happened last month. Those dreaded words: "We are TOO BIG for the kiddie pool Mom!" Our once tiny tots now look like giants standing next to the modest-sized blue plastic Walmart pool. 

(See pic below. 6 years ago?? And the bigger question: how have I been a Mom for almost 9 years??)


I am not ready to give up on the plastic pool! Our elementary age kids do best when they are given a little inspiration toward an activity. Once the idea is in place, they are all for it. But telling my kids "go outside and play" doesn't very well for very long. And I work from home and can't spend every moment entertaining my elementary age kids. So a little creativity is completely necessary!.

I stopped by our local dollar store and bought shaving cream, bubbles, and a few plastic trays. 


give cars and trucks a car wash | tag&tibby

There isn't really a wrong way to do this project. Add some water, bubbles, shaving cream...whatever your kids would enjoy playing with! Throw in come trucks and cars, barbies, we added in some littlest petshop critters to give them a "bath." 

Chances are, once you spark their creativity they will be all in. Encourage them use their imagination, get a little messy (they are outside--after all!) and have some summer fun. 

sensory friendly shaving cream outdoor pool idea

I love that this project gets elementary age kids off screens, takes them outside, and is super budget friendly (under $10!). Plus if your child has sensory differences as ours does, its a good way for them to get used to playing with new textures.

Have fun and let me know if you decide to try it! 

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