Welcome! I'm Julia, the voice behind Tag & Tibby. My primary goal for this site is to inspire readers that they can improve their home, project by project, on a small budget. Our family DIY’s most of our home projects and we work hard to shops sales over paying full price. This frees up our extra money to save for the future, tithe to our church, and go on family vacations.

How did the name Tag & Tibby come about?

Tag & Tibby found its name through a 1930’s early reader book and its characters Tag and Tibby (a dog and cat). I used to sell vintage goods on Etsy, and adore all things antique and classic and the name just clicked! Our home is still a blend of vintage (old) and new.

Personal Life

I grew up just outside of Savannah, GA. My husband and I lived in Louisville, KY for 2 years and Saint Paul, MN for 7 before settling in North Carolina. Room by room we are updating our suburban house with eclectic style on a budget.

I have a degree in Product Design from Georgia Tech. My husband and I have 2 creative tweens who enjoy helping behind the scenes. My husband and I LOVE to shop on a budget from clearance racks to thrift stores. When it comes to DIY projects I love to paint and my husband likes to build.

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