painted Christmas mugs

I went crafty with Christmas presents this year. I pinned a lot of painted mugs and decided to give it a try. I followed these directions...I won't give you a full tutorial but I will share some tips!

Where to buy

I bought the markers at Blicks. For the mugs I checked Goodwill first but most had a logo. I bought these at Dollar Tree. The boxes are photo archive containers from Target, they were the perfect depth.

Check the pens 

My black + aqua markers worked great. I bought a 3rd color and after multiple returns tried markers in store with the manager. I ended up with gold porcelain paint-it was thicker but great as an accent color.

Sketch ideas

I was too impatient to trace anything first, but I drew quick pen sketches on the kid's construction paper. It was helpful in deciding which design would translate to the mug.

Wipe off the mistakes

If you make a mistake its easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. If its been a few days rub it off with some warm soapy water. It won't be permanent until you bake the mugs.