lets go to the thrift store! [shopping tips and tricks]

I like to shop. And living with one income has encouraged me to be creative with my purchases. Thrift store shopping has become a favorite hobby of mine and I'd love to share a few tips.

Expect the Unexpected.

All of our finds are surprise purchases. Leave your list at home and watch for something special!

Look for a genre.

Right now I'm into industrial and brass. So when I walk down an aisle I watch for brass in any form. Once I find a brass item I study its style. I only purchase things I would display in my home, even if I'm purchasing for resale.

Walk slowly.

At my favorite thrift store they have several shelves and then hanging bags at the top. I try and focus on one side of the aisle at a time and then walk back down a second time looking at the other aisle. 

Find a few favorite thrift stores.

 Each thrift store has its own personality. I go to Goodwill for newer books and children's clothes and visit a different thrift store for vintage goods. I prefer city neighborhoods for thrifting, the houses are older and the likelihood is higher for vintage.

My newest find-a vintage milk crate for a dollar! 

My newest find-a vintage milk crate for a dollar! 

Use technology

I often use my iphone in the middle of the aisle to look up a product's value. Its so helpful to research in store, especially if you are planning to resell.

Sort before you buy.

I evaluate my finds before purchasing and often put half back on the shelf. Set a budget if you are worried about over spending. I average around $10 per thrift store trip.

Many of you are awesome thrift store shoppers! If you'd like to share a tip leave a comment!