DIY Natural Lace Easter Eggs

It is a tradition in our family to dye Easter eggs each year, and I so curious to try a natural food dye. So I pinned a few recipes for naturally dyed Easter eggs using cabbage, blueberries and onion skins.

Then reality set in (two hyper preschoolers at home!) So I purchased William Sonoma's eco-egg coloring kit. The kit uses red cabbage, sweet potatoes, anatto, and tumeric and it saved precious time.

I boiled a dozen eggs and then after waiting several minutes (and growing increasingly impatient) I gave the eggs an ice bath. Now for the fun part! 

I purchased a lace tablecloth and doily for a few dollars at the thrift store and cut out oversized circles to cover each egg. I tightly wrapped each egg using a hair tie and dipped the eggs according to the directions. Then gently dried the eggs and cut the band to remove lace.


A dozen boiled eggs, cooled

 Natural egg dye kit (affl. link)

Vintage lace, doily, or cheesecloth

Rubber bands 

Paper towels or newspaper for drying

It was such a fun afternoon project! Our children enjoyed experimenting with colors (to make colors like brown and green required dips in multiple cups).

Do you have any fun ideas for Easter eggs?