Pound Cake Parfaits

I grew up with pound cake. Homemade pound cake was a staple at every family event made by my Mom and Grandma. And to be honest I am not sure I had ever made one before last Sunday. But I was craving a good pound cake and decided on a sour cream pound cake for our small group. 

I will vouch for it, it was so good! And we had leftovers. So the next day I rounded up a few mason jars and made parfaits with leftover whipped cream and berries.


2 slices of Paula Deen Sour Cream Pound Cake (I use unbleached white whole wheat flour for a heartier flavor)

3 mason jars

Whipped cream

Blackberries and strawberries

Layer cake with whipped cream and berries. Cover and refrigerate. Easy peasy. 

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best! It tastes better the longer it sits. I do not think there is a wrong way to make this dessert. It is perfect for a summer day.

Do you make pound cake? I want to try another flavor, but I keep coming back to the sour cream recipe! Its my favorite.