my favorite things

We have a serious lack of printed photos in our house. I decided to change that by getting prints of Instagram photos. Last week I ordered Printstagram mini squares and they arrived today. I am so happy with them! I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites (by category, because I am a nerd).  

I am from southeast Georgia. I love the smell of salt water, country music (its true!), my Mom's sweet tea. Lee and I met in Savannah. We played frisbee in Forsyth Park on our first date and two years later we married at Wesley Monumental on Calhoun Square. 


I love running the Etsy shop. So far all of my buyers have been incredibly kind! I love selling vintage collectibles and the flexibility of working while the kids are at school or playing. 

Minnesota has greatly increased my appreciation of our four seasons. Autumn is glorious here. And summer is beautiful. Though winter will never be my favorite, I love watching my kids sled and dig in the snow. I appreciate warm fires and cozy blankets. The seasons here are a gift. 


I am thankful for our little home. It has been a good place to raise our kids. Its been a great source of inspiration for our vintage style and I am thankful for good neighbors and friends. 

I am so thankful for our family. My husband is hardworking and loyal and kind. He is a good dad to our kids. The kids are energetic and hyper and best friends (usually ;) ). It is a gift to see God's transforming work in their hearts.

I am excited about these prints and now I have to decide where to display them! Social Print Studio did not ask for my recommendation, I just like the product!