vanilla snow ice cream (with sprinkles!)

A few weeks ago I pinned recipes from the Vanilla Bean Blog and Handmade Charlotte on how to make snow ice cream. Still relatively new to a cold climate, this was my first time trying snow ice cream. It was simple for the kids to make and tasty too! 

I collected a batch of fresh snow in tubs for the kids to play with. Chose simple ingredients: milk, a little powdered sugar, and vanilla. The kids mixed to taste.

They decided to add sprinkles. It added a bit of cheer to the ice cream color! 

The result was lightly sweet and similar to ice cream.The kids enjoyed the project because they could accomplish it without help. And they could immediately eat the result (unlike something we need to bake).

I recommend eating right away as the texture changes as it melts. A fun activity on a cold winter day. Especially when it is too cold to play outside! 

Have you ever made snow ice cream?