refinished vintage cosco stool

Last year I spotted a little $4 cosco step stool at the thrift store. It was well-coated in rust and paint but it had potential, Our home is a proud supporter of all things vintage, and with our weather finally warming up I felt encouraged to start a new project!

I purchased a yard of oilcloth from a fabric shop in St Paul, and simply traced the pattern from the seat's old cover. I took apart the pieces I wanted to paint using a screwdriver and wrench. Cleaned up the chrome with fine steel wool and WD-40 (important to use gloves!) And lightly sanded and painted the olive green pieces with a all-in-one primer/paint product by Rustoleum. Since old paint can have lead, be sure to use a good mask when sanding/painting over vintage painted pieces.

The kids are happy with the result! Our four year old picked the fabric. And with the base pieces painted white the fabric is easily swappable with other fabric styles. The project took me an afternoon (plus overnight for the paint to dry). I would definitely put it in the "easy" category as it didn't require sewing or extra steps with primer. 


Have you ever worked with oil cloth? It is so easy to clean! I also purchased a yard of a cream and white oilcloth. Now that I know it is an easy project, I have another cosco high chair I plan to recover and sell locally soon.