5 tips for moving with kids

We purchased a home in North Carolina! We are in the process of moving in the new space and I thought it would be fun to list some tips for moving as a family.

1. Give a surprise.

My favorite and most successful tip. We purchased a lego and doll set after the closing and placed it in each child's room. When we arrived with the kids they were thrilled to find the new toys. It was comforting and also created hours of play while my husband and I unloaded boxes from the car.

2. Engage children in the process.

My husband and I previewed homes first, then took our children to second showings of three homes. They had preferences and it was helpful to see their comfort level in the different environments. They were more adventurous in the sunny yard than the shady yard. Ultimately we picked "house one" and the kids are thrilled with the new space!


3. Be realistic.

When moving to a new home have realistic expectations for the day. Allow for plenty of play time and bring a lot of snacks. Unpack toys, blankets, and comfort things first.


4. Take breaks. 

I have no problem with this!! But seriously, enjoy the process as much as you can. Remember to bring snacks (and basics like paper towels). Applesauce, fruit bars, popcorn, and cheese sticks have been my go-to this week. 

5. Involve the kids.

From packing mini-suitcases to previewing homes to carrying in small bags. Its a great opportunity to involve them in the process! Moving is a huge change for children. They will feel less emotional about the change if they are involved with the plan. 

Do you have any tips? We are not finished with the move and would love to hear them!