DIY stamped wooden chalkboard

stamped wood slice chalkboard with step by step instructions

New to the area, a few weeks ago I went looking for the local craft store. We have all the basics near our new house but the closest craft store is 20 minutes away. Crazy right? (Clearly I am a city girl.)

I spotted these wood slices and clear Martha Stewart chalkboard paint and had to give them a try. My handwriting is not calligraphy worthy so I opted for text using stamps. I have been hunting for pieces to make our new home feel our own and these will be perfect in our half bath.

how to make stamped wood slices with clear chalkboard paint


Round wood slices 

A paintbrush

6 nails (I used a 7/8" roofing nail)

Cotton clothesline

Alphabet Stamps (I used vintage stamps)

Black Chalk Marker 


Brush the surface clean. Paint three coats of clear chalkboard paint spacing 1 hour between each coat. Let dry for 24 hours. Nail a piece of clothesline to wood slice . Use chalk marker to coat alphabet letter and stamp onto wood. To change your design clean the board with soap and water or a little acetone. 

stamped wood slice chalkboards DIY

Love, joy, peace rooted in grace. These are things I hope we can encourage in our kids. And looking at this while getting ready for school will be a sweet reminder.