diy gold holiday notebooks

one step gold holiday notebooks DIY!

There is something irreplaceable about a good journal. Personally, I have them all over our house. One in the car, a few at my desk....They help organize my thoughts (though I still remain disorganized!) And they make great gifts.

With Christmas on its way, I am thinking about how I can give a meaningful gifts to friends and neighbors without breaking the bank. I happened across simple kraft paper journals at IKEA a few weeks ago and they inspired this easy DIY project.

how to make stamped gold notebooks. great Christmas gift idea!


kraft paper notebooks (IKEA Välbekant)

holiday and alphabet stamps (similar Martha Stewart set here

gold spray paint or stamp pad

While working with spray paint use in a well ventilated area. Spray paper plate with gold paint and apply to stamp. Stamp excess paint on scrap paper before stamping notebook. Sketch out or test the design before applying (or buy an extra notebook to experiment with!) 

make custom notebooks for Christmas gifts this year

The result of gold on kraft paper is understated and metallic. I love the combination of gold, kraft and white. These books would make the perfect accent piece to a gift basket or goodie bag. 

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