Family Friendly Christmas DIYs

10 holiday projects to do as a family

10 Family Friendly Christmas DIY Projects!

1. Printable Holiday Envelopes at this heart of mine 

2. Sugar Cookie Icing Recipe (yum!) smashed peas and carrots

3. Simple Cardboard Reindeer created by Michelle of mollymoo

4. DIY ornaments with an acrylic paint marker at the crafted life

5. Peppermint Brownie Bites (an easy brownie mix recipe) at Bright Bold & Beautiful

6. Rustic wooden chalkboard by Lacy of Living on Love

7. Fun printable houses and trees at Smallful

8. Candy cane garland uses simple pipe cleaners at Design Improvised

9. Finger prints Christmas tree (adorable!) at Nalle's House

10. Salt dough ornaments. We made these two years ago, they continue to hang beautifully! 

Depending on your little one's age, these projects may require some supervision but are simple, fun, and easy to customize! 

I really enjoy crafting with our five and seven year old. It admittedly does not happen quite as frequently now that they are in school, but Christmas break is the perfect time to create, make an ornament, and bake! Do you have a  favorite? I know our kids would enjoy making the brownie bites!