Cookie Jar Snow Globe DIY

fun cookie jar snow globe DIY for Christmas

When I think of handmade, sewing projects or a plate of cookies float into my head. I don't sew or bake cookies very often, and I choose to think handmade means heartfelt and unique. A gift purposed for the recipient. Something a little artistic.

Snow globes have been on my list to try for years. I originally considered a mason jar globe, but when I spotted cookie jars I was in love! These cookie jar snow globes are small and easy for children to shake and the wide mouth of the jar simplifies gluing in the trees. 

fun cookie jar snow globe DIY for Christmas

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Project Supplies

mini trees and holiday accessories 

canisters with glass lid 

white or clear glitter

strong glue. (next time I would use waterproof epoxy)

baker's twine



Glue trees and accessories to base of jar according to glue directions. After drying, sprinkle glitter liberally in each jar. Add water. Cover with lids and seal with super glue. Shake! The green trees did tint the water, the gold trees remained clear.

fun cookie jar snow globe DIY for Christmas

The supplies are simple and the project is easy to customize with different accessories and jars. Mini trees are high on my favorite list this time of  year! 

cookie jar snowglobe DIY