The Paris Market & Brocante

My husband and I married in downtown Savannah, Georgia almost nine years ago. He received his masters at Savannah College of Art & Design. We since moved to Kentucky and later to Minnesota. Savannah has certainly changed in nine years, but many things remain the same: it is a city filled with class. It exudes a Southern lifestyle with slow walks and mason jars of sweet tea. 

I recently met with Izzy Hudgins at The Paris Market & Brocante. The store was warm and inviting and most importantly fabulously styled. I found cookbooks that inspired me to rediscover cooking. A cafe, beautifully packaged soaps, candy, and custom lighting filled the upstairs. 

The downstairs showed off chairs, tables, home accessories. I loved the pops of color and the mix of vintage with new pieces. This would be the perfect stop for a unique wedding gift. 

The Paris Market left me inspired. We just purchased a newer home and most of our home accesories are vintage. The store showed me that it is possible to blend the two. Next time you are in Savannah be sure to visit!

PS and stop by the cafe. the salted caramel macaron is heavenly!