five ideas for nesting in a new home

We relocated from Minnesota to Charlotte, North Carolina this summer. Last month we closed on our new house and it has been truly good and truly hard. We are starting over with where to hang photos and what colors to paint, what to be content with and what to make our own. I thought it would be fun to share a few free (or almost free) tips for nesting in a new home.

1. Add Flowers.

You may find you have flowers growing in your new space, and if not the local grocery store or farmers market have lovely options. I purchased a bundle from Trader Joes for under $4.. Flowers add instant joy to a space.

2. Organize a room.

Pick a room that is important to you and work on that space. The office was valuable to me because I work from home and I needed to file paperwork and bills. It is not finished from a design perspective (we have furniture ordered and I hope to paint soon) but it is functional and the boxes are mostly unpacked. 

3. Study paint swatches.

Take your time in selecting colors and fabrics for your new space. Don't rush things. Consider the lighting in each room and the mood you plan to evoke. We painted our previous home with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint and plan to use them again. Their quality is worth it and they have great color choices.

4. Bake something.

If your brownie pan is still packed away, try making brownie cookies. Improvise and be creative with food. And it does not have to be from scratch to taste good (these cinnamon rolls were from a can, and still excellent!)

5. Add a plant...or 2. 

Last month I added succulents to our porch and they are beautiful! Plants add a bit of color and personality to a home. And they are so affordable. These were around $2.99 per plant at Lowes.

Do you have any easy tips for nesting in a new space? 

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