Now that we are settling in to our new home and the kids start school in a few weeks (!!) it feels fitting to write down a few goals. Once something is written down it is a lot more likely to happen, especially when shared on social media. It is like instant accountability. So here are a few goals for August and September:

Reopen the Etsy shop (in the meantime...an IG sale is happening this week!)

Start an editorial calendar for Tag&Tibby. My least favorite thing of the list. But so necessary. Organization isn't a bad thing (right?!)

Make our space a home. I am so grateful for where we are, but it will be a while before it feels like home. Ready to personalize our space and finish unpacking boxes.

Find a direction for working from home. I could writing for a larger blog, or ask for sponsorships. Or place all efforts into the Etsy shop. So...many...options.

Love my family well. This will be our oldest's first time in all day school, and little sister is going more frequently too. It is a big change for the family. I want to stay connected, be a good listener, and take my hand off my iphone while I do it. 

Have any goals for the month of August or September? I would love to read them! (linking up with the tiny twig!)