make a house a home project: the mantle

Our new living room needs some attention. We have a couch, a chair, and a tv (well, a tv stand too). And I am at peace with moving slowly with our design projects. But the room feels to bare: like we are living in a temporary living apartment. 

So this weekend I decorated the mantle over the fireplace. I used pieces we had on hand (some pieces MIGHT be for sale in the Etsy shop. Ha!) It only took a few minutes and made such a difference to the space.

And I decided to show a few pictures of what the fireplace REALLY looks like. Because bloggers are awesome at cropping out the details. See? Awesome 1990s fireplace that we will remodel in a year or two. I didn't even center myself in the photos. Take that perfectionist self. 

And last but not least, a video! My first for Tag&Tibby. Show some grace friends, I used a tripod and a self timer on my camera. If you have any good blog resources for youtube and video editing please share! And let me know what you think. But only if it is nice :) Just kidding. Sort of. 

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