a year of change

This year has could easily be summed up as a year of change for our family. Alternate titles for this post could include: kindergarten + kindergarten, you can't hold them back, or the year of life change. 

Our children are close in age, and the plan had been for our oldest to to attend 1st grade and his little sister to attend a transitional kindergarten. However, God made it clear there was a different plan for our family. After meeting with the new school this summer we decided it would be in our oldest's best interest to attend kindergarten again (after a year of 1/2 day kindergarten). And just yesterday my husband Lee and I decided that little sister was ready for school too. After much praying and some tears (mine, not hers) I enrolled her yesterday and she is now in the classroom next door to her brother.

For the first time in years I have a day to myself.

There are practical goals: an in state driver's license, drop-off doctor paperwork, pick up school supplies. I have been weary from our move (we moved from Minnesota to North Carolina earlier this summer) so this is all likely a good thing, and yet incredibly different for me.

So, cheers to a new adventure! To being 31 with both kids in school for the day. A day to catch up and plan for the future. For those of you with children, are they back to school this week? How do they like it?