My Time as a SAHM


I was a stay at home mom to our two kids for several years. It was a sacrifice for my husband and I: we shared 1 car, a lot of our date nights were takeout + Netflix (okay, that is still true!), and we purchased our furniture used or on clearance. Activities generally cost money, so we spent a lot of time together. I have good memories of watching our kids pretend near the fireplace on winter evenings in our Minnesota home. One income required creative thinking, and good communication on my husband and I's part with helping one another.


As our children grew so did my desire to be involved with entrepreneurship and creative outlets. I wanted to be there for our kids, but I also desired work. I found myself praying specifically for opportunities. In short: my life stage changed. 

Over the past few years we have seen just how good school is for our son. His meltdowns have decreased as his structure has increased. Summers at home continue to be hard. Now that I am officially working from home it is my hope that he can go to a safe part-time summer camp next summer. His and anxiety seems to decrease when he has a definitive plan.

In this rambling blog post, I am saying not to limit your choices. God directs hearts, and life stages are truly that. Each family is unique. If you are a mother you may be called to stay home or you may be called to work. Be aligned with your spouse, know your kids, and if you are a Christian spend time in prayer. 

There is no perfect solution. No "my kids will come out perfectly if i do XYZ" But I do believe as parents we have great influence over our children. We have the opportunity to discuss life and choices and friends and schoolwork on a daily basis. That doesn't mean we need to be spend 24 hours a day with them, but we do need to be intentional. And that is something I am still working on. Whatever you choose, enjoy the little moments and capture them in your heart. Seasons change and memories are precious.