Celebrating the Beauty in Autism

I am a mom to a child with high functioning autism. His diagnosis is not new to us: we have known since he was 4. Last year I wrote a little update when he was 7. And I also recommended a few books (in case you are looking for good info on autism).

At the moment within the autism community articles written by parents of an autistic child are looked down upon. This is in part because some parents have written negative articles. And it is also because many autistic adults and young adults have found their voice through the internet and that is a beautiful thing. I hope our child will do that too someday if he so chooses.

In the meantime I would like to reflect a little joy in this corner of the web. We went to an apple orchard a few weeks ago, and to be honest I wasn't sure how it would go. Our son sometimes builds expectations and routes we should take. But this day he was calm and it was a huge surprise to find a bouncy trampoline when we arrived.

Our two kids were in heaven. It was perfect. Children on the spectrum often have a high need for sensory input, and that can looks different for each child. For our guy he tends to love heavy blankets, snuggling (on his terms), spinning and rolling. On a related note this year we are doing gymnastics and it is going really well so far. He gets to jump and push and pull and climb with abandon. And it isn't a competition directly against anyone else.

So today I am just celebrating those beautiful smiles. Not that life is perfect or predictable, but that God has blessed us richly with our two kids: one of whom has autism.