8 Homecooked Recipe Favorites

8 delicious + simple Southern recipes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How was your holiday? We celebrated quietly with my parents at our home, and our kids were bounce-bounce-bouncing off the walls Christmas Eve (and today!). But things are slowly calming down, so I am sneaking away to write this roundup and reflect on goals I had this year. I wrote down some of my favorite recipes on this blog, along with a few other sites. I obviously have a thing for sweets (sorry not sorry!) And would love to share them with you, scroll down to see them all! 

1. Brown-Bag Popcorn

Last year I discovered the beauty of brown bag popcorn. It is truly delicious and simple (it takes 1 minute to throw together, and it has zero of the additives that traditional microwave popcorn has).

brown bag popcorn recipe || tag&tibby

2. Mulled Wine

I created this spiced wine recipe for Charlotte Home + Garden, and we have made 2 batches (so far!) this Christmas break. The alcohol boils, and there is cider in it so it has a little less alcohol than traditional wine. It is delicious hot, or even cold! Garnish with cinnamon and oranges.

holiday mulled wine recipe

3. No-Churn Ice Cream

Did you know you can make ice cream without a churn? I made vanilla ice cream this summer for Andrea's Notebook. It only has 3 ingredients, and the fresh vanilla bean gives it wonderful flavor. The mix in topics are endless. If you are in the mood for ice cream, also check out this no-churn key lime pie recipe!

3 ingredient no churn vanilla ice cream

4. Coca-cola Cupcakes

I grew up in South Carolina and Georgia, and coca-cola cake was as normal as a Sunday pound cake. I modified it a little a created Coca-cola cupcakes and the result was delicious. With ingredients like buttermilk, marshmallows, and (yes!) Coca-cola, how can you resist?! 

southern Coca-cola cupcake recipe

5. Sparkling Lemon-Basil Lemonade

I grew my first container garden this past year. I had an abundance of basil, and used it in this refreshing from-scratch recipe. The best part to this lemonade recipe is the basil simple syrup, it smells heavenly and marries perfectly with the fresh squeezed lemons. 

how to make basil lemonade from scratch

6. Crockpot Applesauce

Have you ever wanted to make your own applesauce? With this method you simply cut up honeycrisp apples and throw them in the crockpot. Easy-peasy (and so good!) Shared over at Charlotte Home+Garden.

simple honeycrisp applesauce recipe

7. Strawberry Skillet Cake 

I went with our son and daughter to their strawberry farm field trip and brought back so.many.strawberries! I used my vintage cast iron skillet to throw together a simple skillet cake with roasted strawberries. Brown sugar, butter, flour. You can't go wrong.

skillet cake with roasted strawberries

8. Mac and Cheese 

This macaroni and cheese recipe is a staple at all our family gatherings (in fact, I made again just two days ago!) It is the perfect side to a family dinner. Just be sure to use a sharp cheese! 

grandma's mac and cheese recipe

Come back next week to see favorite 2015 DIY projects + home decor ideas. Have a wonderful weekend!