diy kids craft table

DIY industrial kids craft table

Our two children enjoy working on craft projects after school. It is always fun to see what they come up with. Coloring, glue, and play dough. We keep it simple and have only a few craft rules. Prior to our new table we used a small square table. It was always so full they had no space to work.

I spotted old factory spindles from a textile mill at my favorite local antique dealer. At $1 each they were a steal and the height made for perfect table legs. (hint: if you go this route, double check the height of each. Had to dig to find 4 matching in height!) 

how to make a spindle table


4 table legs (16" in height) factory spindles. (tapered legs would also work)

MDF. I used a scrap piece measuring 41" x 24"

Wood glue

Attach table legs securely to bottom of mdf according to wood glue directions. I applied pressure to table leg for about 2 minutes, then dried for 60minutes. I wait to flip the table for about 24 hours.

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I placed the table in the living room because we spend the most time there. They can chat with me if I am in the kitchen or living room and it makes for easy cleanup if there is a spill or stray marker swipe. In our new house we have a playroom, but they spend most of their time near us.

how to make a craft table tutorial
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The kids are enjoying the new table and use it daily. I plan to add an extra inch or so to the base with felt pads, but it functions well as-is. Pretty sure our biggest challenge will be keeping open space to work! We are fans of craft clutter at our house ;) 

If you have children, where do they complete craft projects?