DIY clay heart necklaces

DIY clay heart necklaces

Our family just entered the 3rd quarter of school this year. And I admit, life feels busy! Holidays are an easy time to change the schedule make time for crafts as a family. Personally, our children LOVE new craft supplies! It makes for an entertaining afternoon!

how to make clay hearts

For this project we started with parchment paper, DAS air hardening clay (affiliate link), shape tools (plastic knives and spoons could work too), and a heart candy mold

I encouraged the children to experiment with the clay, stacking pieces together and cutting out various shapes. If the clay feels dry, add a little water. Once the final shapes are complete, let air dry for 24 hours.

valentines crafts

Now for the fun part! Paint hearts with paint brushes. We used basic washable crayola paint (affiliate link). Our little one enjoyed mixing colors to see what new colors she could create. 

how to make a clay necklace

I used leftover gold spay paint from a previous project and sprayed it in a disposable container. Then painted the gold onto extra hearts using a paint brush. (caution: spray paint has a strong smell, I recommend using outside!)  After paint is dry, glue bail plate to back of heart. Thread with crafting lace and cut to desired length.  

family friendly clay necklaces

Something really fun happens when crafting with children. They relax and talk about life. It really is a lot of fun!

I hope you try this easy project! The hardest part is waiting for the clay and paint to dry. I have a lot of clay leftover, I'm pretty sure my kids will be making more for friends! 

ps// happy early valentine's day! 

kids craft idea! DIY clay heart necklaces