10 minute painted lacquer gift boxes

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Lacquered boxes are simple and classy. Their glossy sheen gives an expensive look: they are perfect for jewelry or a nice gift. I met a friend for coffee a few weeks ago and we ended up at the Container Store. When I spotted their shiny containers I had to have them! The colors were lovely but I wanted to add a touch of character. I picked gold because it exudes style and simply because I am still on a gold-kick (for example my holiday notebooks and clay heart necklaces).

how to customize lacquer boxes

10 minute custom lacquer gift boxes

lacquer gift boxes

sharpie oil-based paint markers

prints of pattern inspiration (printed from my Pinterest boards)

printer paper for testing paint patterns

This is such an easy project, you can not go wrong! If you are nervous about a pattern try polka dots or lines with a ruler. You could also trace a stencil or cookie cutter. I used washi tape for marking off one container lid, in the future I would try painters tape to get cleaner lines. I do think less is more with this project, so I recommend 1 pattern per container.

how to paint a gift box
lacquered giftbox diy | tag&tibby

Because we are a few weeks away from Easter and I am really into spring colors right now I decorated mine to be used for Easter. The boxes would also work well for bathroom storage, office storage, or even as a plant holder for a few succulents. 

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painted lacquer boxes | tag&tibby