succulents & milk glass

milkglass and succulents

Do you go through reflective moods? I certainly do. For me they are usually triggered by a season change, birthday, or vacation. I used to be frustrated by my introspective nature, but lately I am doing a better job of embracing who I am and who God created me to be.

With blogging it is tricky to find the balance of producing popular content (being completely honest here!) and sharing my heart. I have lost a little of that the last few months. So today I am letting go and sharing what is on my heart about busyness and thriving in it. 

the depot concord, nc

I just read through the first chapter of the Fringe Hours. And Overwhelmed is on my list too. As women we generally seek peace in the midst of a really crazy world. Our lives are busy. Everyday after school my kids pile their backpacks, new books, papers, things to sign right by the front door. The spot that I just cleaned up. I find out about more events to add to the schedule, more birthday parties, a new article deadline...The noise of life can be overwhelming, especially for those of us with sensitive personalities

reflections on family and a life well lived

So my encouragement to you, whatever stage you are in. Is to take a few quiet moments to reflect. If your home is too busy, head to a coffee shop or a walk around the local lake. We are getting away for a few days and I am so looking forward to a break from normal life. Changing scenery does so much for my soul. 

cotton in a blue mason jar

Another thing that helps me is knowing when to work and when to relax. Personally I have the most drive and motivation in the morning. By 3pm I am done and want to sit. So I do. I ignore the piles of papers for a few hours and enjoy time with my kids. Everyone wins.


Read a good magazine or book. Magazines are great because they are quick to read and skim. Especially if you expect interruptions! And I always have a mix of nonfiction and fiction on my Kindle so I can choose based on my mood. Lately I've been downloading samples first for free. It helps me decide if the book is going to be a good fit. 

how to enjoy quiet

And make time for your hobbies. For me, I really enjoy thrift shopping. It has been a challenge starting over in a new city and finding the good thrift stores. But I have found a few and I love the hunt. Yes, those are blankets in an ice chest. Isn't it awesome?

thrift store blankets in a freezer chest
whatever is lovely

Embrace change. This was a big year for me. Our kids went to school for the first time all day. And I admittedly was in a maxed out overwhelmed spot at the time, but I went from full time momma-part time blogger. To room-mom, full time blogger. I recently received more gray hair, thank you 32. And have come to realize just how good it is to take time for myself. 

I don't mean that selfishly. And I hope it doesn't come across that way. I have extrovert friends that THRIVE on being busy. I admire that, I do. But for me I find great joy in margins. In scheduling my day and allowing for rest. I just finished a book study with my Bible study group called So Long Insecurity. I was skeptical the first few chapters, but really what I got out of it is that I need to be rooted in Christ. Trusting him with my daily fears. It was a refreshing read. 


How do you recharge? Do you go through reflective moments? 

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