Nautical Themed Half-Bath Makeover

navy half-bath | Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray

I grew up near the ocean most of my childhood. As a young girl my home backed up to a saltwater bluff in Beaufort, SC. After a few years we moved further inland, but would drive to the beach in under an hour. I have a lot of great memories near the ocean: my husband proposed to me on the beach at Tybee Island over 10 years ago. I adore saltwater air, the relaxed atmosphere of beach towns, the natural beauty of the ocean.

All that to say, now that we live in driving distance of the beach I decided our bathroom needed a nautical look! Nothing over the top outrageous, but more of a subtle ocean feel. 

Restoration Hardware light fixture

I started the bathroom in January. After considering a variety of colors from Grey to Turquoise to Navy we settled on Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray. It is a classic navy and I love how it turned out. It makes the ceilings feel higher and it added instant character to the space. (You can see a bit of my painting journey here and here.)

before/after. updating a half-bath for under $750
Kohler faucet upgrade

My design process was pretty organic. I chose the color first, and then the metal accent color. Dark bronze is in, but I did not envision a dark bronze faucet. So I went with classic chrome and ordered our light fixture first. After a lot of vintage hunting I ended up with a new mirror from Hobby Lobby that has the right rustic-nautical look. I knew I needed a soft painting to tone down the severity of the room and tie the colors together and after a few days of hunting discovered the boat painting at The Depot, a local antique store. 

nautical bathroom makeover

An average bathroom remodel can range anywhere from $2000 to $10,000+. That my friends is QUITE a range! We saved a ton of money by keeping the original wood floor, toilet, and pedestal sink. We also saved a lot of money by DIYing the paint and installs. We only hired out for the plumbing.

lighting upgrade | tag&tibby half-bath makeover

All in all we spent under $700. What did that include? We spent $90 on a new Kohler faucet and the plumbing install cost $180. Industrial light fixture from Restoration Hardware on sale for $130. Paint supplies were under $100. Rustic round mirror was around $60 (Hobby Lobby). The vintage painted canvas was purchased at a local antique store for $60. The boat cleat towel bar DIY was around $30. Toilet paper holder upgrade $20. 

half-bath makeover for under $1000

Now here is our secret: we did not spend $700 all at once. My husband and I choose not to purchase with credit cards, so we split up the project over a few months to ease the price. $100 here, $100 there. I painted first, added the light the following month, added the faucet last. The process takes longer but at the end there is no debt and no remorse from rushing the design process.

nautical towel bar with boat cleats

Interested in making your own boat cleat nautical towel rack? My how-to here.

seashells in mason jars

We are so happy with the result! We added some character to a room that felt cold and basic. And we did it without breaking the bank. Would you paint your bathroom a dark color?

Interested in learning more? Check out the process for the remodel here!