5 iphone photography tips

After several years of using my iPhone to document family and life photos, I thought it would be fun to share a few tips. Quick facts: for years I used an iPhone4, I recently upgraded to a 5. I am not a professional photographer. I take my pictures for fun and thus my tips are not overly technical! 

5 iphone photography tips!

1. Use Natural Light

I take the majority of my photos during the day, outside or with the windows open (blinds up!). The quality is much, much higher and the likelihood of capturing our children in movement without blur is improved. Morning light and late afternoon light can also be a really beautiful time to capture in the background.

2. Take several photos 

Especially if you are taking photos of children, chances are there will be blinks and blur. I take at least 5 photos of any given moment (good example here), and then go back later in the day to pick my favorite (and delete the rest). The lighting often varies in each iPhone photo. It is nice to have options to pick from. 

tips for capturing life with iPhones

3. Capture your environment

This is my preference, but I love to look back on previous seasons. Where we stayed on vacation, how our room was decorated. People pictures are wonderful, and so are still-life. Also letting you in on a secret--objects are SO much easier to photograph! They don't move! 

capturing family moments with your iPhone

4. Capture the moment

I am a big fan of documenting family in their moment. I try not to make them pose. A lot of that is due to their personality: they are sometimes shy in front of the camera. But I also think it makes for a more natural capture. Its like sneaking in on a precious moment. I try to kneel and get on our children's level when I take pictures of them.

5. Document on paper

If you are at all like me, I have SO many pictures on my iPhone. I have over 1,000 on Instagram. And up until now, no physical photo albums. Last week I ordered a small album from Artifact Uprising. I uploaded directly from Instagram and finished the layouts in an afternoon. I will definitely be creating more albums, likely 1 for each season. I was very pleased with the quality!


What tips do you have for iPhone photography?