5 strawberry themed gift ideas

strawberry themed gift ideas | tag&tibby

It is (unofficially) strawberry week at Tag&Tibby! After visiting the farm and making skillet cake, yesterday I attempted to make strawberry ice cream with my kids. I did not read the owners manual to see that the bowl needed to be frozen (palm to forehead)... we will try again today after school. Meanwhile I am sharing with you today 5 adorable strawberry-themed gift ideas: a blend of store bought and handmade. Hope you enjoy!!

1. The Land of Nod Farmer's Market set. Pillow covers, quilts, duvets and changing pad covers: over the moon cute. (affiliate link) 

2. Etsy strawberry prints. Gorgeous watercolorgold leaf flake, and vintage botanical options.

3. This tissue strawberry how-to would be perfect for a birthday party. 

4. Soy Berry basket candles in a porcelain container from Anthropologie. So cute.

5. A handmade gift: strawberry bag pattern