our newest family member: Daisy the Goldendoodle!

Daisy joined our family a week ago last Saturday! She has been the perfect fit for our family. She is our first family pet, and we did a lot of research before narrowing down the breed and breeder. I grew up with golden retrievers, and my husband grew up with poodles.


We have some asthma in the family and used caution with which breed we picked (if you have dander allergies, definitely talk to your allergist before buying any pets!) We visited the breeder several times to make sure my husband and son could tolerate her hair type. There are a range of goldendoodles, our Daisy is an F2b which means an F1 goldendoodle bred with an F1b goldendoodle. Her coat is wavy and she should be a medium size (around 40lbs) as an adult.

We also decided on a goldendoodle because they have a wonderful reputation with children. With all kids it is important to teach them how to treat puppies. With that said so far Daisy has been extremely tolerant of our kids crazy antics! Our son is on the autism spectrum, and though Daisy will not be his specific therapy dog we will train her as our family pet and we think she is lessening some of his anxiety. She is definitely getting our kids outside more to play! 

So far Daisy's favorites are socks, feet, chasing our kids, dirt, and lounging under our kitchen table. She was pretty nervous about her crate the first night. By day 4 she was sleeping through the night! Which I am so so thankful for. Thank you Daisy! 

Daisy the Goldendoodle

She has her hyper moments but in general is pretty relaxed. She doesn't bark much at all. Loves the outdoors. She loves to chew...on our hands, feet, toys. Whatever catches her eye at the moment. We are working on that!

Potty training is about what we expected. She has a few accidents every day, especially in the morning. We take her out frequently (about once an hour) and she hasn't had an accident yet in her crate. 

Favorite products so far: a puppy kong, nylabone, pen for the kitchen, a slicker brush (affiliate links). 

Welcome to the family Daisy! We love you!