easy stamped beach bag DIY

how to make a stamped beach bag!

Do you ever wander through the dollar section at Target? How could one resist? I discovered plain straw bags for $3 (and marked down an extra 75% off) last summer and scooped them up for a later project. Now that it is warm again outside (hallelujah!) I am ready for sunshine and trips to the beach.

These bags could not be any easier. Using fabric paint and stamps you can customize a plain bag in under 15 minutes. Read through for 3 ways to paint your beach bags!

stamped beach bags DIY | tag&tibby


Plain straw bags (similar or canvas)

Black Tulip fabric paint

Sponge pouncers, letter stamps, shapes for stamping

Bowl for paint

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Basic Directions

Squeeze small amount of paint into bowl and stamp once onto a scrap piece of paper then stamp bag in desired location. Wash hands thoroughly after stamping. Let dry for 4 hours. (I picked fabric paint because it is washable and permanent. So I think it will hold up well at the beach!)

Bag 1: Triangles! I used a magnatile for this bag. You could also cut a potato and use as a stamp. A permanent black sharpie marker can be used to touch up spots the triangle stamp might have missed on the bag.

how to stamp a beach bag
triangle beach bag DIY

Bag 2: Stamped! I used vintage letter stamps for this project. You can find vintage stamps online on Etsy and Ebay, or you could use sponge letter stamps found at the craft store. Touch up with a permanent black sharpie as needed. 

tips for stamping a beach bag
stamped beach bag! sun&fun | tag&tibby

Bag 3: Dots! This was the easiest bag to create. The sponge brush was perfect for applying paint to the bag. Just remember to do a quick dot on paper before applying to the bag to remove excess paint.

how to make a polka-dot beach bag
polka-dot beach bag DIY!

Oh so easy and full of personality! Hint: this would make a great Mother's Day gift for a young mom with a bit of goodies inside! Happy making!