book review! modern terrarium studio

A few months ago Megan George of The Zen Succulent (Raleigh, NC) reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing her new book Modern Terrarium Studio. I was intrigued. I have "challenges" with keeping plants alive (ask my husband!), but surprisingly my few succulents are still living. 

Modern Terrarium Studio is a fascinating book about living landscapes: air plants, succulents, design inspiration and DIY projects. She includes valuable information on plant health and care (something I need!) As well as tips for creating arrangements based on your personal aesthetic. 

I especially enjoyed the section "25 plants to use in your terrariums." Up until now I picked succulents based on texture and color. Now I know the specific names, light and water care. 

Megan also includes several easy to follow DIY projects for creating terrariums. I love the mix of textures and material throughout the book. Rope, moss, wood, brass planters, ornaments. This book exemplifies the perfect blend of style, class, and information.

For more information visit Megan's beautiful site: The Zen Succulent. The book will be available June 26th preorder here (affiliate link).