seasons in life

Photos at my Grandparent's home in South Carolina. June 2015

Photos at my Grandparent's home in South Carolina. June 2015

I went through a season of deep discouragement a few years ago. We felt called to live closer to family (most of whom live in the southeast) yet we lived 20 hours away. God did not immediately answer our prayers. We also lived in a very cold climate, I loved my friends in Minnesota dearly but I struggled with seasonal issues in the six-month long winters. And we had behavioral challenges at home. The days were long and I was weary of attempting to do good.

This summer I see a change in our season. Our kids entertain themselves (sometimes), don't fight (all the time), and we have family to visit throughout the summer. God has encouraged us with a wonderful new church family, neighbors, and friends. 

I still make mistakes in my parenting. I get frustrated at times, but I see fruit in our children's hearts and growth in their development and maturity. To other weary Moms I say take heart. It takes some time, but the seasons change. In the meantime, please take breaks when you are weary. (I may write another post on that topic..)

Something our pastor said recently stuck with me. Why do we look to the future seeking signs and answers to prayers? Instead remember the work of God. Remember what God has already shown us about His character, grace, and guidance. This explains it more eloquently.