behind the scenes: end of summer recap

Summer! I love it, though it is definitely more complex than I remember it growing up (part of life I suppose!) Behind the scenes this summer I juggled being mom to our two precious kids while working on freelance projects. Not easy, but completely worth it.

Here are a few fun photos of "behind the scenes" from this summer's projects.

In all honesty I don't know the exact details of a recipe before I make it. At the last moment I decided not to add red tomatoes to my green tomato peach salsa recipe. I was thrilled with how it turned out! 

Sometimes props are necessary to get a good shot. Our walls aren't painted yet, and beige wasn't the exact look I was going for with the pendant project so I improvised with a grey board. Often I move the white table to the side window for better lighting. Or take my pictures on the back porch.

Our goldendoodle Daisy keeps us busy! At 6 months she is full of energy and mischief (and at 26 lbs stronger every day!) She sleeps well in her crate and hangs out in the kitchen when we can't play. We take her on a LOT of walks.  

She also tries to help me cook (insert grimace emoticon). She usually goes outside or in her crate while I cook for exactly this reason! By the way, the syrups I created for Andrea's Notebook are fresh and rich and everything good. Defintely check those out. 

Not all staged photos work out!! This one did not make it to the final photo list, but I find the attempt humorous! 

Last but not least, I collaborated with 3 local food bloggers a few weeks ago. We put together an awesome summer dinner and will be sharing all the details and recipes soon. I heart simple summer recipes!