why you should do a DIY project with your kids!

5 reasons you should work on a DIY project with your kids!

Several months ago my grandparents gave us their mid century nightstand. It needed some work, but the lines on it were beautiful. I decided to offer it to our "baby girl" (she is 6 but still my baby. They would like me to point out I have 3 babies: Daisy (the dog) B (our boy) and K (our girl)).....sorry, slight digression. Long day!

So she and I went to the paint store together while on a trip to Hobby Lobby (her favorite store at the moment, which makes this Momma's crafting heart happy.) And to my surprise she did not pick pink or purple paint. She picked a nice bold aqua! The paint store employees were surprised I let her choose, and that made me realize:: is this not common? Its the perfect opportunity for little ones to show some leadership, hard work and creativity. 

So without further ado, I give you:

5 reasons you should work on a DIY project with your kids!

5 good reasons for working on DIY projects WITH kids

1. Quality Time. 

2. It Doesn't Involve a Television. Or Ipad. 

3. Coach a skill they can use the rest of their life.

4. Watch the excitement of child, proud of their accomplishment.

5. As a parent or caregiver we have the chance to let go of perfectionism and watch the next generation learn a new skill-set.

So what do you think? Do you craft or do DIY projects with your kids? If you go the furniture route and are looking for a place to start, try a local thrift store. Be creative and have fun!!