7 Craft + Home DIY Projects

7 fun craft + home DIY tutorials | tag&tibby

This was a growing year for me personally and for my site. I contributed to Andrea's Notebook for 6 months, started blogging for Charlotte Magazine, and started working for Alt Summit. My blog posts slowed on a bit on this site, but I know everything has a purpose and looking back at completed projects for 2015 has been SO good for me.

Here is a recap of favorite DIYs from 2015. Everything from dollar beach bags to a faux wood paneled wall to IKEA hacks. Enjoy!!

1. Beeswax Candles

This was such a fun project. I repurposed vintage jello molds and glassware from the thrift store to make clean-air beeswax candles. Our kids were able to help, and we are still enjoying the results! Click over for the step-by-step tutorial.

beeswax candles DIY

2. Faux Wood Plank Wall

I started our playroom makeover last year in collaboration with the Land of Nod, and then this project even got picked up on BHG's site (woohoo!). It wasn't hard to make, but it did take some time. And the result is completely worth it (especially at under $100!) 

DIY faux plank wall using home improvement flooring!

3. Stamped Beach Bags

These dollar straw bags got an upgrade with black fabric paint. They are easy to make in under 30 minutes (plus dry time) and make great gifts. 

stamped beach bags tutorial

4. Gold Dot Duvet

This summer I decided to make new bedding for our daughter. I started with a basic IKEA duvet and stamped gold dots. The result was fun and modern and cost about $40 to make. For the full tutorial head over to Andrea's Notebook!

make a gold dot duvet DIY

5. How to Paint a Picnic Basket

Repurpose a vintage green picnic basket with some masking tape and spray paint. I painted this one in stripes, but the options are endless! 

spray paint a vintage picnic basket DIY

6. Make a Nautical Towel Rack

We created a vintage-looking towel rack using a coffee ground+vinegar stain and boat cleats that goes perfectly in our updated half-bath

how to make a nautical towel rack

7. Enamel Style Pendant Light

Using a little aqua spray paint and a sharpie marker I customized an IKEA pendant for about $50. We love love love it in our kitchen nook. Visit Andrea's Notebook for the full tutorial

enamel style pendant DIY :: IKEA hack!!