Pop-Up Vintage Shop

I'll be honest: writing blog posts is more time consuming than you'd think.

Creating an original idea, making sure it fits with your brand, photography, proper titles, copywriting, photo editing, SEO, social media promotion... It was for that exact reason that I put my Etsy shop on hold a little over a year ago. Up until then I spent my spare time at estate sales and thrift stores and sold things around the globe. I loved it, but listing, photographing, and shipping takes a lot of time. Especially when each product is different. I felt stretched too thin. And decided to put it on hold for the sake of this blog.

But....over the weekend, on a whim, I decided to reopen. I visited an estate sale and fell head over heels for some of the pieces there. It inspired me. I have more products to renew and list, but go ahead and hop on over to see a few curated pieces in the shop.

I plan to spend more time curating (focusing on home design vintage), and limiting my shop to 5-10 pieces at a time.

Thanks in advance for your support!

-xo, Julia