Hello 33 (!) + 10 things about me.

10 things about blogger+designer Julia Fain

I turn 33 this week (!) and thought it would be fun to do a different kind of blog post where I share a little about myself. So without further ado: 

10 Things About Me:


1. I LOVE historical dramas and international movies. A few favorite lately (so glad you asked, ha!) Poldark, Meet the Patels, Mostly Martha, Haute Cuisine....surprisingly I have not kept up with Downton Abbey. I will finish it sometime, but prefer to watch things streaming on Prime and Netflix vs. a set time on TV.

2. I married my husband at 22. I graduated from college in June, worked for a few months as a contract designer in Atlanta, then married my husband in October. We had dated long distance for 2 1/2 years. I was at Georgia Tech for my Industrial Design undergrad, and he was finishing his Masters in Industrial Design at SCAD. After we married we shared a cubicle wall designing kitchen appliances for GE in Louisville, KY. 

3. Snakes are horrible. I hate snakes. I am talking serious nightmares as a child. It actually made me nervous to move to North Carolina (I grew up in Georgia and they were frequent visitors in our yard), but so far I haven't seen one near my house in NC! Thank you suburbs. 

4. I don't eat eggs. I mean, I am not allergic and will definitely eat them in cake. But the texture bothers me and now that I am an adult no one forces me to eat them (ha!). It gives me empathy with my kids when they have a hard time eating foods with new textures.

10 things about blogger+designer Julia Fain

5. My first 5 years I lived in Beaufort, SC. Our backyard had a dock to salt water. We later moved inland near Savannah, GA but we could still drive to the beach in under an hour. I LOVE the ocean, the casual vibe of beach towns, the smell of marsh, and its colors will always be a source of inspiration in my home design ideas.

6. My husband and I lived in Minnesota for 7 years. Our kids were born in Minnesota. We lived close enough to walk to the zoo and nearby lake, which I loved. Our home was a quirky 1950s mid century. You can see our old home tour on Design Mom.

7. I grew up in a really musical family. My dad and grandma owned music stores where they sold pianos, organs, and guitars. My dad was choir director, worship leader, he and my Mom sang duets a lot, and I used to sing solos in church. I also took piano for several years.

8. I would classify myself as calm and introspective. That isn't to say I don't raise my voice when trying to get my kids to the car in the morning (!) but in general I like peaceful music (Mumford & Sons, Rend Collective Experiment), and need a mix of getting out and down time. According to tests I am an ambivert (1/2 introvert, 1/2 extrovert).

9. I grew up in a Christian home with loving parents. My faith and understanding of grace in Jesus grew a lot in college. While life is far from perfect I am thankful for Christ's redeeming work in my life and the lives of my loved ones. Our church, LFC, has been a great source of encouragement the past year.

10. I love good food, but am terrible at remembering to cook. I cook the most on deadline (for freelance work or a blog post). My kids love hot dogs, bleached white bagels, and go-gurts. I do love Whole Foods and feel better about our eating when I shop there.

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